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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

To our Membership

Club Updates: Despite a very challenging health and politically charged environment, we are happy to announce that your club, the Republican Club of Southwest Florida LLC continues to illustrate significant progress. Through an aggressive marketing initiative our club now has a multi-tiered interactive website and an updated database offering us a very cost effective approach to email and or postal marketing. Structure and compliance now represent the foundation of our organization. Since 2017 our membership has more than tripled, now at 107 members and still growing! Our monthly meeting attendance continues to increase as we welcome new members. We have been successful adhering to the Club’s 2021-2022 Strategic Plan.

Thanks to our sponsors and additional membership funding, both cash and in-kind, our club’s cash flow is the best it has been in recent history. Our pledge is to continue to provide a professional organization that offers relevant information to our membership. Our budgeting process for 2022 has begun. The budget will offer our forecasted data on a month to month basis built on known expenses and projected revenues. As we add the actual numbers, we will have a clearer view of our financial status. This process will help build a road map towards our future financial awareness.

The absolute best way for us to quantify our club’s performance is through our membership’s feedback! Please know we listen to positive comments and pay particular attention to constructive criticism. We are constantly trying to enhance our club’s benefits.

As we move through these very uncertain times filled with political chaos and pandemic uncertainties, The Republican Club of Southwest Florida LLC remains committed to offer relevant information presented by both national and local guest speakers.

Many thanks to our speakers… Congressman Byron Donalds, Florida Senator Ray Rodriguez, County Republican Chairman Jonathan Martin, Lee County Commissioner Ray Sandelli, Chairman Lee County Commission Kevin Ruane, Republican Strategists Matt Caldwell, Vice Chair Lee Health Board of Directors Therese Everly, Florida Legislature Spencer Roach, Republican Strategist and Fox News Media Analyst Ford O’Connell. November will feature Cecil Pendergrass, Lee Country Commissioner District 2 and Tommy Doyle, Supervisor of Elections. Coming in December, Florida House of Representatives Adam Botana and Amira Fox, State Attorney (20th Judicial Circuit of Florida)

These individuals are influencers… they have all taken us deep into the news headlines and have provided our membership with a reality and a prospective that brings crucial issues into focus. Many thanks to all. Stay safe!

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