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What makes a great club? It’s the membership!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

We are happy to announce that thus far 2021 has marked unprecedented change for our club. We have updated our administrative protocols. Technology has taken center stage as we launched our new Website. We have registered our Club’s legal name as: The Republican Club of Southwest Florida inc.

Administratively: Your Executive Committee has worked tirelessly updating our Charter, Bylaws, and Sexual Harassment Code. Our 2020 Audit was successfully submitted by Grasmeier Business Services LLC. We have established a new EIN number from 5/3 Bank establishing a new account associated with our updated name change.

Membership: As of May 31st we have over a 30% increase in membership.

Thanks to your generous contributions we were are able to revamp our financial strategies.

Technology: We will continue to enhance our member communication with fresh and relevant information. We invite you to visit your new Website at: (Website still being tweaked here and there BUT ready to go!) We will continue to grow our database utilizing Constant Contact and extend our social media reach through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When appropriate we will continue to offer ZOOM Meetings.

Please note! Our next meeting will be August 5, 2021 Worthington Country Club Activities Center Building 5:30pm Guest Speaker (TBA) at 6:00pm Due to Summer hours at Worthington, no food service will be offered.

Thank you all! Special thanks to Jim and Ellen Hollars, Robert and Jenny Pritt and Marie Grasmeier for their collective contributions.

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