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Financial Information

As with most organizations 2020 presented its financial challenges due to the devastating affects of the pandemic. With the realization that if the Republican Club of SW continued to operate with a business-as-usual mentality, our club would face extinction. To keep its membership informed and offer updated information, the Club decided to move forward utilizing a platform of ZOOM Meetings.

This opportunity coupled with social media and e-mail marketing did not come without additional financial risk. The utilization of ZOOM, Facebook and an administrator added $700.00 of incremental expenses. We were able to secure a ZOOM Meeting sponsor that helped offset the additional
expenses by $500.00. Other income-sources included personal donations from the Club’s Executive Committee totaling $300.00. We received marginal contributions from membership dues. In accordance with our fiduciary responsibilities the Executive Committee discontinued all expense driven events example: the annual Christmas Party. We were compliant with all the mandates issued by the CDC relative to COVID-19 safety.


This limited our financial opportunities. Our mantra for 2020 was “Survival.” Note: In March of 2021 we resumed our open membership meetings while still complying with COIVD-19 safety measures. We anticipate reestablishing our membership contributions and additional sponsorships. Our sense of stewardship coupled with unwavering leadership will guide the Republican Club of SWF through 2021  and beyond. In February 2021,The Republican Club of Southwest Florida currently has our business checking account with 5/3 Bank on Bonita Beach Road.


The Republican Club of Southwest Florida has completed its 2020 Audi Report. Performed and
submitted by: Grasmeier Business Services LLC Financial Reports and or Bank Statements are available to members only. Please submit your request in writing to: The Republican Club of Southwest Florida P.O. Box # 1564 Bonita Springs, Florida
Membership Contributions above and beyond our dues structure have been greatly appreciated.
As of April 5, we have received incremental funding of over $2,000.00 Thank you!

Financial information is available to all members of the Southwest Florida Republican Club inc. upon written request only. 


Please send your request via postal mail to P.O. Box 1564 Bonita Springs Florida 34135.  

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