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Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Our sincere thanks to Congressman Byron Donalds for his May 6 th

appearance and keynote address to our membership.

Congressman Donalds spoke openly about the state of politics in

Washington D.C. and his recent journey to the border. Suffice to

say his discovery was eye opening as the immigration issue

becomes more catastrophic by the day. Congressman Donalds

was engaging as he answered audience questions thoroughly

with honesty and a warm sense of humor. After his speaking engagement Congressman Donalds stayed as he greeted and posed for pictures with a long line of people. As our country goes through political upheaval, it is our opinion, Bryon Donalds’ uncompromising leadership and knowledge of the political landscape not only in Florida but nationwide represents a bright future for conservative politics in our country.

Many thanks to Jim and Ellen Hollars for their investment of time and treasure to make this

event successful.

Please mark your calendar:

Our next meeting will be


starting at 5:30pm at Worthington C.C.

Note: We will suspend our monthly meetings for June and July. In August we will continue our meetings to be held at Worthington Country Club. (Do to the club’s summer hours, no food will be offered)

Many thanks to all for your generous contributions, it’s much appreciated.


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