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Mike C.Danieli

Bio summary...

In 1972, I was lucky enough to find a career that was the perfect match for my talents and personality. Marketing! My employment with Hearst Newspapers offered me the opportunity to receive great experience in the workplace and well beyond.

I am well known for my communication skills and a no-nonsense style of leadership. My hallmarks are professionalism, integrity and dedication. I have always been considered an average to above average manager but an exemplary leader who breeds empowerment and great teamwork! Leadership needs to be contagious and rewarding. I have little tolerance for political or for that matter any procrastination. I am a solution-based person who takes great pride in positive results! 

 I was employed by the Hearst Corporation for 34-years at one of their Flagship newspapers, the Times Union, located in Albany, NY.  At the culmination of my newspaper career, I was the Director of Strategic Planning and served on the newspaper’s executive committee. My next venture was to establish a consulting business, MCD Consulting Services LLC. This profitable endeavor extended my career and is still a viable entity today. In 2013 I was recruited to serve as the Executive Director of a Hospital Foundation to help oversee the merger of 5-foundations that ran parallel to the merger of 3-hospitals and 2- medical facilities. 

I was nominated and served on the Worthington Master Board of Directors in 2015. I served as the club’s first three-year President 2016-January 2020. My leadership was utilized during Hurricane Irma as along with a strong Master Board we brought Worthington C.C. back to prosperity. I also served as GM / COO of Worthington for 7-month. 

My volunteerism and philanthropy during my extensive career has been a rewarding and growing experience! I have been honored to have served on 9-board of directors and privileged to have been recruited to provide leadership as chairman or president by 5 of the 9 organizations.

In 2015 my wife Kathy and I became residents of Florida.  Kathy and I have been married for 48-years. She was an educator in Troy, NY. We have one daughter Amy who lives in Danville, NH with her husband Dan. Amy is an attorney and Dan is employed by an engineering firm. 


Many thanks,
Mike Danieli
(518) 469-6479

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